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Ten More Morsels of Uncommon Knowledge

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9) The Things we call “Mistakes” are Life's Greatest Learning Opportunities

Penicillin, Coca Cola, chocolate chip cookies, Silly Putty and numerous other monumental inventions would not exist if for the mistakes that created them. Yes, it’s embarrassing to make mistakes, but no one should be afraid of experimenting and especially of making mistakes.

Just look at what penicillin has done for the world.

8) The Key to Happiness

Most centurions will tell you that having a sound and happy mind is the most important thing needed to be happy. As you can see, this does not involve eating celery all the time and exercising until you drop. Being happy is the key to living long. Finding that inner happiness may be tedious and difficult but it is worth it.


7) “Diets” Never Work in the Long Run

If you want to become healthy, you have to watch and learn about what you’re consuming. Becoming healthy is a lifelong journey in which you understand your body and how to effectively take care of it. Exercising and eating healthy are vital to staying healthy.

Fad diets sometimes do more bad than good to your body. The melon diet?! That diet provides no essential nutrients to the body. Who thinks of these things…

6) Trust

Many people take it for granted. Not everyone can, should or does trust. Trust is established incrementally and can be destroyed very easily if disturbed.

5) They don’t recycle that?!

Did you know that plastic bottles with the caps on, which are how a majority of plastic bottles are dumped in recycling containers, are not recycled at all? Apparently, uncapping the bottles uses precious time that recycling center employees do not consider worthwhile.

Plastic bottles themselves are very unhealthy for the body and can eventually lead to cancer and other conditions. Watched Tapped for more information on the incessant plastic bottle industry.

4) Unplug those electronics!

Whenever electronics are plugged in, they consume energy.

Even if they are not switched on, these electronics such as hairdryers and laptops drain precious energy that is freely allotted to us. Be responsible with this precious resource. We never know what you value until it’s gone.

3) America produces the highest amount of consumer waste in the world, and yet we have one of lowest rates of recycling.

For just a week, pay attention to all the materials that we use and throw away after just one use. It’s incredible how much we take for granted.

2) “If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s yellow, let it mellow.”

Think about it. The total American population can save an average of 1,243,841 Olympic sized swimming pools of water every year by following this unusual but wise guideline, and using energy efficient toilets.

Flushing only solids can save about 80% of water used daily. Add to that using energy efficient toilets that consume 1.6 gallons per flush versus up to 6 gallons per flush and this can save an additional 50% of the total amount of water flushed daily.

Using these techniques saves the environment and can really save some cash, too. You can save over 50% on your water bill and a significant amount on your energy bill, as well.

Watch the Brazilian commercial “Xixi no Banho” the next time you’re on YouTube! Let’s leave a majority of that 1% global drinkable water for us to actually drink. There are many ways to be creative in order to preserve the future of our planet.

1) Now for some fun…

A duck's quack does not echo and no one knows why.

The only word in English with all the vowels in reverse is 'Subcontinental'.