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Opinion: I Hate Valentine's Day :)

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Yet another Valentine’s Day has approached. Oxford has been keeping the excitement of this day kind of low key, but those of us with eyes can see the girls in relationships practically bursting at the seams. While the handful of couples we have on campus will be blessedly enjoying a fluorescent-lit dinner at Lil’s, or a moonlight stroll down the quad, for the rest of us, V-day is simply another 24 hours of being  alone with movies, or with narrative essays online.

For many, Valentines is a day where hissy fits are thrown over getting carnations instead of roses, where getting chocolates mean “I love you” and flowers mean “I’m sorry.” It is a popular time when couples decide it is most appropriate (and dramatic) to break up, and ex-lovers mourn or shed hatred towards one another. It is a day where the singletons mope around, glaring at couples holding hands, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. It is when red and pink obnoxiously adorn every public place, to a point where food the food we eat has been dyed red or pink. It is one of the few days that we hate romantic comedies because it basically reminds us that our lives are not magical.

For the couples out there, we know you secretly compare yourselves. There is always that model couple (also most hated), and then the couple that always fights (and makes everyone glad they are not in a relationship). Whatever the situation, it is each couple for themselves on V-day. Whether it is envying the girl whose boyfriend got her a diamond necklace, or secretly laughing at the guy who got his flowers thrown at his feet—blatantly rejected—V-day is truly the survival of the fittest couple. They have this saying about Valentine’s Day--in order to make it through successfully, one must “outwit, outplay, and outlast.” Sound familiar? Yeah, well that’s because Survivor totally stole it from Valentine’s Day.

Whether happily single or simply miserable—just the same---Valentine’s Day reminds us of what could be…if you had someone who loved you back that is. They call it “Single Awareness Day” nowadays to make us feel bad about not having that “special someone.” In reality, there are more people riding solo (thank you Jason Derulo) than joined at the hip. So while we have to deal with the sappy melodrama of Valentine’s Day, look forward to February 15th. The world is finally sick of all the Ferrero Roche’s by then.