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Killing the Original Vampires

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On February 2, 2012, the CWTV hit show, The Vampire Diaries, took an unexpected turn.  Though the love triangle of Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers (Stefan and Damon) is about to re-arranged that’s not the main point of the series about the season three’s mid-season primary.

All vampires in the series have feared and loathed the “original vampires,” the first six vampires who were created by the original witch.  The original vampires are the Michelson children and their father.  Esther Michaelson, the original witch, turned her children and husband into vampires in order to protect them from the werewolves that were killing members of their Viking clan that had just landed in the New World. Esther could not turn into a vampire as vampires are considered an abomination of nature and witches are considered to be servants of nature.

Klaus, Esther’s oldest son, he had a different father whose bloodline directed from a wolf.  Once he turned into a vampire, he was a hybrid of a vampire and a werewolf, the only one of his kind. He is successful later on in creating more hybrids, but Esther has risen from the dead to kill her immortal children with an extensive and powerful spell.

Will the spell be successful? After watching the final moments of the February 16th episode, it does not seem that Esther will serve nature successfully.  The original vampires are quite charming and seem to have enchanted the vampires who are close friends with Elena Gilbert.  Elena and one of the original vampires are the only two who know Esther’s plan.  It seems to be hinted that Elena and Damon may break away from the triangle and fall in love with original vampires.  This leaves Stefan all by himself.

If Esther’s motherly instincts take over, then it is also very well possible that The Vampire Diaries could go global as the original vampires solidify their vampire hierarchy with help from more hybrids like Klaus and, of course, their mother.  The vampire hierarchy will not be as analogous to HBO’s True Blood’s vampire government called “The Authority.”  However, The Vampire Diaries can end up being the perfect blend between the Twilight series and True Blood, with season 5 premiering on HBO this summer.

The last two episodes have taken the show on a whole new spin.  Of course, adding any politics to a show only makes it better.  The surreal world of these vampires seems to have taken a huge turn.  Only if life was as exciting as the place that parts of it was filmed–Oxford College of Emory University, Covington and Decatur, GA