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Sport is one of the most important keys to health. That's why we try to support the physical spirit of our students by organizing lectures for sports development and various sports events together with

Eagles Hold on for Big Conference Win

Oxford College came through in a huge conference game against Middle Georgia Technical College on Tuesday night in front of many cheering fans. While the final score read 75-58, the game had a very tense feel throughout and it was not until about the lead ballooned to 20 with only a few minutes left that the Oxford faithful could breathe easy. Big performances by point guard Alex Ordu and forward Samuel Kim helped the Eagles hand the Titans their first loss. Ordu had 23 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists and Kim recorded another double-double for the Eagles, contributing 13 points and 14 rebounds. However, Eagles head coach Roderick Stubbs saw it as a battle on the boards more than anything else.

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Eagles Blow Out South Crescent Technical College at Home

It was all Eagles Thursday night against South Crescent Technical College. The Eagles took their first lead with 13:15 left in the first half and never looked back, flying past SCTC by a score of 75-50. Although the game got off to a slow start and had the beginnings of a tenacious defensive struggle, shooting guard Zachary Lynn’s 3-point shot with about 13 minutes left in the first half spurred on a elongated offensive outpour and the Eagles never relinquished their lead of 35-16 at halftime. One of the major reasons the Eagles dominated SCTC was the stellar play of point guard Alex Ordu. The Eagles’ star scored 21 points on 8/13 shooting and dished out 6 assists with only two turnovers despite playing almost 35 minutes. Ordu’s effort on the offensive end was matched on the defensive end as he managed to grab six rebounds and record three steals. The rest of the team fed off of his intensity, as Oxford managed to force 23 turnovers and score 16 points off of them. Then again, shooting 47% from the field did not hurt their cause either.

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Giants Steal Touchdown, Win Super Bowl


Last Sunday, the New York Giants and New England Patriots met at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana for Super Bowl XLVI. In a showdown that many predicted would be the Harbaugh brothers’ bowl, football fanatics across the country were instead taken back to the year 2008.

In a déjà vu matchup, the New England Patriots sought to take revenge from the New York Giants win in 2008, but came short. In a thrilling fourth quarter, the real test for both teams were presented with the New York Giants sealing touchdown to win the “big game”.

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The Return of the NBA

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house…not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. December 25th, 2011 marked the return of the National Basketball Association after a painful lockout that left basketball fans all over the world disappointed and disgusted.

Lovers of the game sympathized with each other, but little really know the dirty details behind it all…the corruption…the deceit…and the greed. Following the first lockout of 1998-1999, players were guaranteed fifty percent of basketball related income (BRI). However, in 2011,  this collective agreement expired. That year, eight owners in the NBA signed a petition to David Stern, commissioner of the NBA, claiming that small market teams had an unfair advantage in comparison with big market teams regarding BRI, meaning teams like The Los Angeles Lakers had the ability to pay players a lot more because they simply had a larger BRI. In the year of 2011, the NBA decided to reduce every player’s salary and institute a salary tax in which every team was given forty-five million dollars. Players did not like that and converged as a union to file a complaint and offered to cut the salary down from fifty-seven percent of the BRI to fifty-four percent. The NBA’s rejection of their offer led to the nightmare known as the 2011-12 NBA lockout.

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Women's Soccer


There's three minutes left in the game and the Oxford women's soccer team is maintaining a 1-0 lead against Tennessee Temple- University. Fighting to secure the lead, the Lady Eagles begin to run down the clock. As every second is lost, gaining a victory seems that much closer. Then suddenly, with two minutes left, the women of Tennessee Temple secure possession of the soccer ball.


The Oxford Eagles women's soccer team currently holds a 2-6 record approaching the halfway mark of the season. As a team with eleven freshman and five sophomores, one of their main goals is to create solidarity among the players. One of  their main goals is to transform a group of individuals to a team.


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