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Opinion: I Hate Valentine's Day :)

Yet another Valentine’s Day has approached. Oxford has been keeping the excitement of this day kind of low key, but those of us with eyes can see the girls in relationships practically bursting at the seams. While the handful of couples we have on campus will be blessedly enjoying a fluorescent-lit dinner at Lil’s, or a moonlight stroll down the quad, for the rest of us, V-day is simply another 24 hours of being single.

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Opinions: An Oxford Problem - Tweeting Tribulations

Twitter, the social online networking service where users can tweet Facebook-like statuses up to 140 characters, has gained a solid circle of account owners at the Oxford College of Emory University.  The entire University also utilizes twitter, using separate accounts for different departments and interests.  In early December, a new twitter page attracted a small base of followers from the Oxford population.  Its self-explanatory username—AnOxfordProblem (!/AnOxfordProblem)—provided much intrigue to college students, as it proclaims campus predicaments in a humorous manner.  The account has almost 50 followers and nearly 100 tweets and self-expresses in its description, “Some problems we all know exist at Oxford College.”  AnOxfordProblem publicly urges for other students to share Oxford tribulations on their personal account pages by addressing @AnOxfordProblem and hashtagging #AnOxfordProblem.  The account controller subsequently retweets these posts, so that these concerns also appear on its twitter page.  However, only about a half a dozen have responded, probably because these tweet duplicates clearly tie back to the initial authors’ accounts, which often reveal individual identities.

Common problems, many that could apply to any college, mentioned include the Internet, issues adjusting to the new tobacco ban, negative effects of a small campus, horrible dining food, and confusion with the Oxford name.  Although the account’s tweets are composed in a casual, tongue in cheek way, many of its points are legitimate.  Just last week, Karla Fields, Manager of Infrastructure Technology at Oxford College of Emory University, sent a mass e-mail recognizing “intermittent wireless connectivity problems campus wide.  The University Technology Service (UTS) engineers are working to resolve the problem.  They do not have an estimated time for a resolution.”  Lastly, every Oxford student can relate to the confusion the outside world has between the Oxford College of Emory University and Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Some members of the Oxford community fear that the currently anonymous and harmless AnOxfordProblem will transition into a Gossip Girl-like figure, especially since cyber bullying has unfortunately grown in popularity.  These worries have been assuaged by the lack of response to AnOxfordProblem’s reinforcement of the rumored herpes epidemic on campus from the notorious ‘Controversial Topics’ Conference and blasts revealing low grade point average students not present on the honor or merit lists declared on the official Oxford College website.  Thankfully, no specific names have been disclosed, and perhaps these posts will encourage students to take necessary precautions against STDs and study more.

The Oxford College of Emory University Student Government Association has taken an active role in addressing major complaints, like the cuisine at the College.  The Food Committee, chaired by Sophomore Senator Sam Jean-Baptiste, has worked hard with Lil’s Dining Hall to restructure its food variety and layout to provide more pastas, sandwiches, and vegan options, as requested by Oxford students via random survey.  Although progress has been made, students look forward to more improvements in dining services and across the entire campus soon.  Hopefully, more Oxford leaders can also discover AnOxfordProblem and create an appropriate solution for each one.

Opinion: Pre-Nursing vs. Pre-Business Majors: Equal Treatment?

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There is no arguing that a large percentage of Oxford College students are pre-med and pre-business. It is amazing that so many students have a clear and structured career path at a liberal arts college. But because there are so many students interested in these two fields, there seems to be a plethora of opportunities for them. However, the students interested in going to Emory’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing as a junior, do not have some of the same benefits.

Microbiology is a prerequisite class for students applying to the Emory’s Nursing School. However, Oxford Students are the only applicants exempt from taking this course. This is because this course is not offered at the Oxford campus. This course is also not offered in the summer at Emory, and it is nearly impossible for Oxford students to commute to the main campus to take this course. This means that students who attend Emory’s Nursing School coming from Oxford are at a disadvantage because they are the only students who did not take Microbiology.

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Opinion: Segregation in the Oxford Community

Oxford College has a good number of international students from both China and Korea. This situation has caused a phenomenon that international students almost always study and hang out with a group of students who are from same country. Moreover, the circumstance goes against Oxford College’s intention to create a more diverse community, where exchanging of different cultures and knowledge flourished.

I personally believe that the main reason for this segregation is that people tend to stay with friends who have similar backgrounds and experiences. For instance, being from Korea, I enjoy talking with other Koreans, reminiscing about our parents and home.

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Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3, directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, is the latest movie from the Paranormal series. It stays true to the first two films, showing footage only shot from cameras placed around the rooms in the house.


Much like the Star Wars movies, the Paranormal films start at the end of the story and work their way backwards. Paranormal Activity 3 is a prequel to the first two movies and tells the story of how it all began. The audience gets to see how the two sisters, Katie and Kristi, first encountered the supernatural.

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