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10 Tips for Surviving Finals

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3. Study where you study most efficiently, and switch it up sometimes to get you thinking in different ways around finals time: find the spot, get your materials together and study smart, not hard!


4. Drink cocoa: Pure cocoa, that is. Common chocolate is filled with sugar and loses the antioxidant effects that pure cocoa retains. Opt for a tablespoon of organic cocoa mixed in some hot milk. Add some spice including cinnamon or cayenne pepper (did you know spices are shown to increase metabolic concentration and activity) and see the aroma revitalize you!


5. Form or continue reviewing info with a study group: This brings about increased motivation to study and communicating newly learned information helps us realize and fill in the knowledge gaps, so we really know the material. And remember, teaching is the best way of successfully retaining information!


6. Keep things in perspective: Conquer test anxiety by breathing, imagining yourself taking the test or practicing other good stress relieving habits. Also, keep in mind that as long as you’re doing your best, everything else should fall into place. And never forget that one test cannot truly determine your future. Think about it.


7. Remember to exercise and take care of your body ESPECIALLY during these few weeks: Twenty minutes of cardio on a regular basis, weekly workout sessions, or even just dancing around your room for a while can really get your mind relaxed while giving your body exactly what it needs. Even if you splurge on sweets one day at Lil’s, make sure to balance that by eating something good for you. Also, reward yourself for working diligently but keep it in good limits. And don’t forget to sleep well especially before your finals. All nighters will not help at this time.


8. Manage your time—every minute really counts: Get a to-do list, schedule your day’s activities, even pick out where you’ll do what. Just get it together so you can do the best possible during this stressful time of the year.


9. Learn in different ways: This helps you retain and cement the information in different ways, which helps with really understanding the information. Also, know how to study for different subjects. The way you study for math should not be the same way you study for English, etc.


10. Make the subject matter interesting even if it’s not! What’s the point of sitting there studying if you’re not going to enjoy yourself? You’re gaining knowledge. Change your perspective on studying if you’re not getting anywhere. Attitude is everything.


*Adapted from Huffington Post’s “Study Tips for Exams”.